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Magic Office Recovery 2.6

Recover all kinds of lost or deleted Office, OpenOffice, and PDF documents
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Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDF files are among the most widely used Office-based documents. As a consequence, they are also the file types we delete more often accidentally or otherwise, and that is why EIS created Magic Office Recovery. This tool is specialized in recovering all those types of files plus OpenOffice-based documents. The program uses a wizard-like interface to guide you smoothly through the entire recovery process.

Once you have selected the drive(s) where you believe your file or files were stored before losing them, you will be offered two scan options – a fast one and an advanced one. The former is much quicker and it will yield excellent results with all those documents that you deleted more or less recently. Those stored deeper on the selected drive may require a special treatment – a deep low-level scan and analysis of the disk surface. A much slower solution, but it may be the only way of recovering that irreplaceable file.

As mentioned, the program comes in a wizard-like UI that guides you through the entire process, which basically consists of selecting a scan type, apply some additional search options (by size, date, or file type), select the file or files to be recovered, and define a destination and/or a method to save the files, which includes an ISO virtual image, burn them to CD or DVD, or upload them via FTP.

One thing that all serious recovery tools should include in their features list is the promise that no document that is so damaged that cannot be fully and effectively recovered will be ever included on the list of recoverable files. This is what Magic Office Recovery does, thus avoiding raising any false hopes or expectations while saving the users valuable time.

Every file on the recovery list can be previewed in its entirety and, what is more important, EIS guarantees that it can be brought back to life also in one piece. Provided that you have purchased the corresponding license, of course, as Magic Office Recovery won’t recover any lost or deleted file for you unless you move from the trial version to the commercial one. A policy that effectively prevents users who need to recover but one single file or two to make use of this technology for free, but that will put off any potential user that requires some serious proof of quality before parting with their money.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Comes with a wizard-based user interface
  • Performs fast and advanced scan processes
  • Suitable for OpenOffice and PDF files, too
  • Creates ISO virtual images of the recovered files
  • No document that can't be recovered is added to the scan results


  • The trial version won't recover any deleted file
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